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JEI Discussion Group - Shared screen with speaker view
Prakash Jayakumar
Do we call out the specific types of outcome measures in the surveys? If so - we should define the taxonomies especially given the broad target audience who may be looking for different needs — e.g., by FDA call out COAs (Clinical Outcome Assessments) and sub-categories PROs, Clin-ROs, PerfOs etc
Krysia Dziedzic
Really great to hear - given what Kelli has said about policy makers what should we be thinking of in terms of support
Jocelyn Bowden
Do any of the clinicians with us today have any suggestions on practical things we can do to support your work? Or resources that you have that could be adapted for others to use?
Jocelyn Bowden
I agree with everyone about the important role of clinical champions and peer support people? How can we support them?
Jill Eyles
Can you tell us more about how the decision tool interfaces with the patient? During direct consultation with a provider?
Krysia Dziedzic
What might the barriers be to other clinics in the US picking this up this model?
Jill Eyles
Are there any ideas from the group for areas we need to attend to for future work of the jEI in general?
Saurab Sharma
Thank you everyone for great presentations and excellent initiatives.
Ali Mobasheri
A collaboration with OAFi is a great ideaThey are ahead of the curve in many respects
Vincenzo Nelli
OAAA is happy to continue pushing things out.
Ali Mobasheri
Krysia is right, nobody will look on the OARSI website for this kind of information. OARSI has never really been patient and consumer focused.
Daniela Costa
Thank you very much!